Kesiena Boom is an award-winning writer, copyeditor, editor, translator, poet, sociologist and sensitivity reader with nearly a decade of working with language under her belt. Her short story 'Low Pony' was the winner of the 2021 So To Speak Fiction Prize, as judged by Natalie Lima. She has been published by Slate, Buzzfeed Reader, Vice, Autostraddle, mindbodygreen, Everyday Feminism, For Harriet and others both in print and online. In 2020 she edited 'Face Me: A Declaration', the debut poetry anthology from Olivia Keenan. 

Her writing focuses on sex, sexuality and pleasure, queer experience and community, feminist theory and practice and race and anti-racism. 

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Gender Studies. As a sociologist her published work focuses on the intersections between race, emotion and the Internet. She was the recipient of the highest ever degree score recorded in the Sociology department at the University of Manchester and was rewarded the Baron Boulous Memorial Prize and an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award.   

She is available to commission for sensitivity reads for projects big and small. Her areas of lived experience and expertise are womanhood, Blackness, mixed-race identity and LGBTQ issues (with a specialisation in lesbian identity). 

Furthermore she is available for writing, copyediting/proofreading, and translation (Swedish to English) assignments and she also holds intro to poetry workshops (via Zoom) for all ages.