Ask a Sex Therapist with Heather Shannon

Looking for insight into BDSM, play parties and/or queer sexuality? My episode of Ask A Sex Therapist... is a great place to start! Heather and I discussed how to really get to grips with what you desire and how to make it happen, how to deal with rejection, how to get comfortable with owning your sexuality and much, much more. Listen here:, or look up the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

Episode Timestamps:

[00:00:00] Navigating Queer Women's Desires

[00:03:28] Importance of Understanding Desires in Queer Women

[00:07:20] Exploring BDSM, Kink, and Queer Identities in "X

[00:11:26] Embracing Non-Traditional Relationships

[00:15:06] Discovering and identifying sexual desires

[00:18:32] Deconstructing Cultural Views on Sexuality

[00:22:23] Exploring Women's Same-Sex Sexuality

[00:26:00] BDSM Play Parties: Finding and Staying Safe

[00:29:48] Requirements for attending play parties

[00:33:20] Queer sex and power dynamics

[00:37:07] Navigating Desire As A Queer Woman

[00:40:48] The Art of Asking Someone Out

[00:44:08] Boldly Pursuing Romantic Connections

[00:47:14] Aggressive flirting in relationships