Sista! An Anthology of Writings by Same Gender Loving Women of African/Caribbean Descent with a UK Connection.

Edited by Phyll G. Opuku, Rikkie Beadle-Blair and John R Gordon. 

Kesiena’s essay in this anthology is entitled 'Not White, Not Ever' and is a reflection on the implications of racism on queer family building. You can purchase the book here

To Exist is to Resist: Black Feminism in Europe.

Edited by Akwugo Emejulu and Francesca Sobande.

Kesiena's chapter in this academic anthology is entitled 'But Some Of Us Are Tired: Black Women's 'Personal Feminist Essays' in the Digital Sphere'. It is an autoethnographical investigation of the emotional demands put upon Black women doing feminist work online. 

You can purchase the book here.

Queer Life, Queer Love 

edited by Matt Bates, Golnoosh Nour, Sarah & Kate Beal 

Kesiena's award-winning short story 'Low Pony' is featured in this anthology. Here is a short extract:

"My girlfriend is so monogamous in the warm depths of her heart. She likes the theory of moreness but the reality is far too jarring. I know she wants you too, in an abstract kind of way. I’ve heard her say it. She thinks you are beautiful, she understands my desire. She just cannot comprehend what I am willing to do for it. Often we lay in bed and talked about our fantasies and hers stayed still where she left them, tucked up in the sheets. But mine unfurled and grew long legs and walked around my body and dragged me down and put their cold hands at my throat. I was always wanting. She always left me wanting".

You can purchase the book here (UK) or here (US).

Face Me: a declaration 

by Olivia Keenan 

Kesiena edited this 2021 poetry collection with themes including sex, race, American history and religion.  

You can purchase the book here